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Skills We Offer

Journey of Education: Learn, Enhance, Progress

Problem solving

Identify and resolve challenges
2-3 hours
Finding effective solutions

Team work

Working together to achieve success
2 -3 hours
Together achieving goals

Time management

Organize, Prioritize, Schedule
2-3 hours Efficiency, Productivity, Success

Leadership Quality

Leadership inspires Others
2-3 hours
Leads to success and growth

Critical thinking

Analyzing, evaluating with clarity
Duration- 2 -3 hours
Informed decision-making

Active listening

Fully focused to understand others
2-3 hours Building strong connections

Decision making

Choosing the best option
2-3 hours
Resulting in actions


Builds strong relationships
2 -3 hours
Faster understanding


Resolve disagreements peacefully
2-3 hours
Mutual understanding

Goal setting

Setting targets to guide actions
2-3 hours
Achieving desired objectives

Money Management

Meet present and future needs
2 -3 hours
Attaining financial stability

Conflict Resolution

resolve disagreements and disputes
2-3 hours Restoring peace and understanding

Email Etiquette

Clear and concise language
2-3 hours
Improved professionalism

Artificial Intelligence

Automated decision-making
2 -3 hours
AI improves efficiency


Live performance and storytelling
2-3 hours Increased empathy and understanding

Who we are!

15+ Workshop

Learn and Grow: Workshop

Varunshri Media Solutions offers services to improve life and soft skills through AI technology and engaging theater workshops. We focus on personal development.

Our mission

To provide accessible, inclusive, and quality education to all individuals.

Our vision

To create a world where education empowers individuals to reach their full potential


Meet Our Professional Expertise Members

Varun Joshi


Varun Joshi experienced Trainer expertise in Soft Skills, Life Skills.With over 6 years in IT, he is a skilled Public Speaker, Theatre Enthusiast, and Trainer, blending expertise with creativity.

Yamini Sharma

Soft skill ,Life skill ,Graphic design Trainer

Yamini Sharma an experienced soft skill,life skill and graphic designer conducts dynamic workshops blending technical expertise with engaging learning experiences, empowering participants with practical skills and insights.

Latika Thawani

Corporate Trainer

Latika Thawani Experienced Sr. Business Associate and Learning Consultant at Tech Mahindra with expertise in Soft Skills, Life Skills, and Business HR. Public Speaker and Theatre Enthusiast with 6+ years in IT.

Bhupali Deore

Yoga Trainer

Bhupali Deore an Experienced Yoga Trainer with an MBA in Information Technology. Mrs. Nashik winner, and certified in YOGA Alliance International training, Face Yoga, and Stress Management. Over 3 years of training experience, including 50+ corporate sessions and a satisfied client base.

Sumangla Jacob

Image Consulting ,Soft Skills Training

Sumangla Jacob is an dynamic soft skills trainer known for her impactful workshops along with personalized coaching. With the passion for empowering individuals, she equips them with essential communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills.

Himmat singh

Acting and communication coach

Himmat Singh is an acting and communucation coach with years of experience. He helps the people communicate effectively, manage emotions, and work better in teams, making workplaces more productive and positive

Swati Goel


Swati Goel a dedicated storyteller, infuses education with imagination. She enriches curriculums, fosters emotional connections, and nurtures listening, creativity, and critical thinking skills. From schools to online workshops, she captivates audiences, embracing both traditional and digital platforms with her theatrical flair.

Tanpreet Kaur

Soft skill trainer

Tanpreet kaur is a seasoned consultant and soft skills trainer specializing in the communication, emotional intelligence, along with interpersonal skills. With the help of interactive role plays, direct teaching, storytelling, and Canva visuals. She creates engaging learning experiences tailored to adult learners.

Gitika Bhagat

Image Consulting ,Soft Skills Trainer

Gitika Bhagat is a dynamic professional with an MBA in Marketing from Fore School of Management. She has over a decade of experience in marketing, education, and training.


Soft skill Trainer,Image Consultant,Facilitator,Mentor

TARANJEET KAUR 12 years of total experience, my passion lies in helping individuals unlock their full potential and become the best versions of themselves. With a track record of success in helping my clients achieve their objectives quickly and efficiently, I bring a results-oriented approach to every engagement.


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